St Paul’s Ladies Group

The St Paul’s Ladies committee is a sub committee of the St Paul’s Church Council. It is one of the busiest and hard working committees of the church.

This committee has a dedicated group of ladies who volunteer their time to work tirelessly for the church community.

They orgainse coffee and lunches after church on Sundays, Prepare food for parties held at the church Hall and hold fund raising activities for the church, they have a lot of fun getting together and working together to prepare meals for all kinds of occassions. There is a weekly roster for the ladies on duty each Sunday.

The Ladies committee needs your help. We need as many ladies as possible to donate just a couple of hours of their time every month to help with food preparation or on Sunday after the Liturgy. you will not only meet new women and make new friends, you will also have the satisfaction of giving back and being a part of your church community. Every bit of help we get will reduce the work load on everyone and the work will not fall on the same few ladies that always help. Thank you.