The Orthodox Faith

The Eastern Orthodox Church dates its existence from the time of Christ and the Apostles. The Apostle Peter founded the church in Antioch, which exists to this day as the Antiochian Orthodox Church.

The spiritual head of this church today is Patriarch Ignatius IV, who represents an unbroken line of patriarchs descending directly from St. Peter The spiritual head of the Antiochian. Other early churches were established in Greece, Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Cyprus. Later, missionaries brought the church to other orthodox countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, etc. This self-governing family of churches is known today as the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

The Orthodox Church is apostolic, because it teaches what the apostles taught, and its history can be traced through its bishops directly to the apostles and to Christ. So, the Orthodox Church is the legitimate and historical continuation of the first church, founded by the apostles. The Orthodox Church has preserved the full and true faith of Jesus Christ, without adding, or subtracting from it.

Our Church service is called “Liturgy”, and it celebrates the joy in the Resurrection of Christ. We make extensive use of icons, which are religious paintings of Christ, and the Saints. The highest earthly authority of our church is the Ecumenical Council, whose membership are the Bishops of the church, representing all of the people of the church. When they define a matter of faith, the lay people of the church, as a whole must accept, otherwise it is not binding. Thus, the Orthodox Church preserves the “Wholeness” of the church, as Christ intended.

Christians believe that through Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, God chose to get close to us, embrace us, and show His love for us. The foundation of Orthodox Christianity is that Jesus Christ is the incarnation of the invisible God.